You know those places where people go on holiday? They have about three-thousand fish-and-chip shops, a depressing amusement arcade full of antique time-wasting engines, four-million ice-cream stalls and a winter population of six. I live in one of those places, and it’s great. I get to see the beach empty, ignore the arcade, go to the places you lot don’t know about and eat fish and chips until I burst. When I look in the mirror, I can see the beginnings of the Exmouth Look.


2 Responses to “What’s it all about?”

  1. Heidi (ST) Says:

    Since we moved here, my situation is astonishingly similar. The winter population is negligable, but woe unto those who try to drive the car to the supermarket during summer holidays! We have plenty of fish restaurants (without nasssty chipses though), pizzerias and Italian ice cream cafés, and the very best part of it all is walking barefoot on the beach as often as possible. Who needs the tourist attractions?!

    1. squatterofamonrudh Says:

      Don’t get me started about tourists and their driving. They come up from London with no idea how to drive on one-track country lanes, driving at twenty in forty limits because they’re trying to read the satnav, ect, ect, chiz mone drone. It is good, though; isn’t it?

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