Only a Viking would say this just before he dies, so not surprisingly today’s title is taken from one of Hyglak’s lines in The 13th Warrior. As one might expect since I’m going Hollywood Norse, it has indeed been a good day.

The first good thing that happened was that my nerdy, overpriced new mug arrived from Cafepress this morning, which meant that I could have a full-grown mug of tea at work for the first time in years. This was such a significant event in my life that I took a picture of said mug, complete with tea.

That's what I call a proper cuppa

That'll cure the shakes.

Later I discovered that one of my friends plans to visit next weekend, which means that I get to have some company without haring across the country all weekend. It also means that I can go to the big car show at Powderham Castle next Saturday, take the convertible and generally show off. I can look forward to that while spending a blissfully inactive couple of days at home this week. A significant coup on the planning front there.

As this was happening, it became increasingly obvious that there wasn’t much for me to do at work, which meant that I could waste my morning and most of my afternoon on the internet. The rain and cloud of last night and the morning cleared up, making way for blinding sunshine and blazing heat, but the air conditioning kept the office just about habitable. Still no complaints there, then.

Yesterday we contacted the supplier about my stereo, and today we had a response. I’d been dreading pulling the unit out, because I can’t just put the old one back in and I’d be without a stereo until a replacement arrived. The news was to be good there as well. They replied that the satellite navigation problems I mentioned earlier are a designed feature. All I need to do to stop that happening is press a single button on the facia once, a fact that the ridiculous instruction manual failed to mention. Since that manual looks as though it made its way from Mandarin to English via Swahili, Navajo, Estonian, Finnish, Welsh and Portuguese, each translation courtesy of Babelfish, that isn’t particularly surprising. This means that the whole thing is working now; I have GPS capability, can play MP3s, VCDs, DVDs and goodness only knows what else, and I can plug in an SD card full of music and set it to random play. I almost want to go on another five-hour car journey now.

Finally, as I left work I could do so with the roof down and some German industrial music blaring out fit to raise the dead. If I hadn’t had to go to work today, I think it would have been perfect.

Normally this would call for more music, but my computer is refusing to play ball and only giving me depressing songs. Chris Isaak? After a day like today? No, thanks. I’m in more of an Aerosmith mood this evening.

I nearly forgot to mention that GlobalComment have published another poem I wrote. This time it’s about losing drinking companions to the responsibilities of family life. I’m such a cheery cove.

[Edit: the day continues well. My computer took the Aerosmith thing on board and gave me F.I.N.E. How cool is that?]