Most people who’ve found this will already know that I’m training as a dental technician. To be perfectly honest, this is a ludicrous move for a twice graduate, since it means jumping through a lot of hoops to take a colossal pay cut. Still, there are one or two compensations, and one of those is being able to look back on a day’s work and see some practical result from it.

A full-full wax-up, as prescribed for edentulous patients

A full-full wax-up, as prescribed for edentulous patients

The end of the academic year looms large at the moment, and I’ve been taking some time to produce the practical coursework that will be required of me on Thursday. What you see in the picture is a full over full wax pattern, which will be used to make two plaster moulds. Those moulds will be filled with high-impact acrylic to make two dentures ready for trimming and final finishing, and I’ll be doing that tomorrow.

To be honest, I’ll be glad to see the back of this particular module, which has been rushed through to get it in before the end of the year. Come to think of it, I’ll be glad to see the back of the whole course, get registered and stop having to drive to Cardiff and back once a week. I’ve spent a lot of time in higher education, and never have I seen such a disorganised and rushed course of study as the one on which I’m engaged. It’s a sausage machine to turn out people with paper qualifications, whose existence the government can then put down in the official statistics to prove that they’ve made up the shortfall in technicians. As usual, a problem will appear to have been addressed without any practical difference being made. Don’t you just love politics?

Anyway, the depicted job isn’t great, but it meets the laughable standards required of students these days. I’m putting it here not so much to show how clever I’m getting as to mark a milestone of sorts: another piece of coursework that I don’t have to think about again; another faltering step on my long and meandering journey toward being useful.

Tuesday’s soundtrack

Today’s selection came out of my car’s delightfully outdated Minidisc player while I was risking life and limb on the byways of Devonshire, and has been augmented by what I put on when I came home.

Faith No More: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Extreme: Evilangelist
Led Zeppelin: Whole Lotta Love
Metallica: Poor Twisted Me
Offspring: Come Out and Play
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Jangling Jack
Paradise Lost: Enchantment
Johnny Cash: One
Billie Holliday: That Ole Devil Called Love